Center for Genomic Science Innovation

Developing new approaches for genome analysis & interpretation.

Our mission is to develop innovative technological and computational genomic approaches that illuminate our understanding of complex biological systems and address modern problems in medicine, agriculture, and basic scientific discovery.

Research in the UW-Madison CGSI focuses on three areas.

Innovations in Omic Technologies

Innovations in Computational Approaches

Understanding Complex Biological Systems

Recent Highlights

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) showcases career paths of former NLM funded trainees in biomedical informatics and data science, including Kimberly Shoenbill, M.D., former postdoctoral trainee in the Computation and Informatics in Biology in Medicine training program at UW – Madison, directed by CGSI member,  Mark Craven, Ph.D.

Career Paths in Bioinformatics 



Donna Werling, faculty in the Genetics Department and Waisman Center, is the latest member to join the CGSI.  Read more about her research on autism genomics.

CGSI welcomes Vatsan Raman as a new member.  Raman uses systems and synthetic biology to engineer molecular design. Read about his work on the International Space Station.

Sevie Kenyon/UW–Madison CALS

Fungal genomicist Chris Hittinger joins CGSI and brings the beauty of biological diversity to the forefront.

CGSI member Sunduz Keles highlighted in the journal Nature Methods.