Center for Genomic Science Innovation

Developing new approaches for genome analysis & interpretation.

Recent Highlights

From June 20 to 23, experts such as CGSI members Joshua Coon and Lingjun Li will be teaching mass spectrometry at the 4th Annual North American Mass Spectrometry Summer School. Registration is free and closes on April 1st or when program capacity is reached.

We’re Hiring!  Check out open positions in CGSI here.

CGSI is awarded a $3M grant from the National Human Genome Research Institute as part of the new IGVF consortium to investigate the impact of human genetic variation.

Chris Hittinger’s lab awarded a new $2M NSF grant to study the diversity of fungal genomes.

Our mission is to develop innovative technological and computational genomic approaches that illuminate our understanding of complex biological systems and address modern problems in medicine, agriculture, and basic scientific discovery.

Research in the UW-Madison CGSI focuses on three areas.

Innovations in Omic Technologies

Innovations in Computational Approaches

Understanding Complex Biological Systems