Center for Genomic Science Innovation

Developing new approaches for genome analysis & interpretation.

Our mission is to develop innovative technological and computational genomic approaches that illuminate our understanding of complex biological systems and address modern problems in medicine, agriculture, and basic scientific discovery.

Research in the UW-Madison CGSI focuses on three areas.

Innovations in Omic Technologies

Innovations in Computational Approaches

Understanding Complex Biological Systems

Recent Highlights

Aneuploidy happens when cells have the wrong number of specific chromosomes.  The Gasch Lab identified why some cells can accommodate extra chromosomes, paving the way to modulating aneuploidy tolerance in development and disease.

Vatsan Raman joins CGSI


Dr. Raman uses systems and synthetic biology to understand and engineer molecular design. Read more about his work on the International Space Station.

State Journal Article

Research in the Coon Lab is paving the way to smart home toilets that can monitor heath in real time.

The journal Nature Methods publishes new work from Sunduz Keles’ group on simulating Hi-C genome structure data for better analysis.