Innovations in ‘Omic Technologies

Addressing new questions in biology requires the invention of new ways to interrogate biological systems.  Research in the CGSI is innovating through invention and application, with a focus on single-molecule DNA applications (Schwartz Lab) and mass spectrometry-based methods to interrogate molecules including proteins, RNAs, lipids, and metabolites (Coon, Smith, and Sussman Labs). CGSI faculty with a primary focus in this area are listed below

Joshua Coon

Credentials: Biomolecular Chemistry, Morgridge Institute

Advancing mass spectrometer technology by developing instrumentation, chemistry, & informatics

Megan McClean

Credentials: Biomedical Engineering

A bioengineering approach to understanding fundamental biological and medical questions in microbes, specifically model and pathogenic yeasts.

David C. Schwartz

Credentials: Chemistry, Genetics

Realizing fully integrated single-molecule systems for the understanding and fabrication of genomes

Lloyd M. Smith

Credentials: Chemistry

Innovating the development of powerful new technologies to drive biological research

Michael R. Sussman

Credentials: Biochemistry

Innovating massively parallel genomic technologies and applying to understand how the plasma membrane functions in all cells