CGSI faculty, staff, and trainees bring genomics to the public by participating in a variety of outreach activities.

In the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea, members of UW-Madison including us in CGSI are committed to sharing knowledge and experiences with the public at large. A key goal is to spread knowledge of the field of genomics, its importance to society, and the important history of UW-Madison in this area.

A few of the recurring outreach events that our members participate in are listed below.  Check out our Events page for more about CGSI-organized events.

  • Family Science Nights Volunteer Connection program:  Directed by CGSI Interim Director Audrey Gasch, the FSN program helps connect hundreds of scientist volunteers with local schools and community centers interested in brining hands-on science into schools.  Our goal is to improve science literacy of all kids, including many who would not otherwise have access to exciting hands-on learning.