UW-Madison offers extensive, state-of-the-art core facilities to support research. The research project resource guide is a roadmap for researchers on the UW-Madison campus, connecting them to the materials, information, contacts, and assets available for every stage of the research process.  A full list of research cores and resources are available through the Research Project Resource Guide.  Several of key relevance to genomics and CGSI research include:

  • Biophysics Instrumentation Facility (BIF)  The BIF is part of the UW-Madison Department of Biochemistry and provides state-of-the-art instruments to enable structural analysis of macromolecules.
  • Biotechnology Center (UWBCThe UW Biotechnology Center provides fee-for-service research support through several facilities, including:  Next Generation Sequencing Center, DNA Synthesis Facility, Gene Expression Center, Mass Spectrometry Facility, Targeted Genome Editing Facility, Transgenic Facility, Bioinformatic Resource Center.
  • Carbone Cancer Center (CCC)  The UW CCC provides service to patients and researchers through several shared facilities, find out more on their website:
  • Hight Throughput Computing Center (HTCC)  The UW-Madison HTCondor Project supports high-throughput computing on large collections of computing resources distributed across campus.  Users can work with the HTC group to implement and submit highly parallelized computing processes for high-throughput computational projects.