Postdoctoral Training

CGSI faculty are leaders in their respective fields, with extensive connections to cutting-edge research topics, collaborations, and networks of colleagues, all of which translates to successful launching of our trainees into genomic careers. Postdoctoral fellows in CGSI have gone on as principal investigators at leading academic institutions, directors of clinical sequencing facilities, founders of companies, and leaders in genomics-focused industries.

The highly collaborative nature of CGSI research presents excellent training in interdisciplinary and cross-cutting genomic collaboration, which is the way of modern science. The educational commitment at UW-Madison is world-renowned, and postdoctoral training is no exception. The UW-Madison Office of Postdoctoral Studies helps support that commitment, by providing career training, funding opportunities, assistance with job placement, and access to networks of open job postings.

CGSI also provides postdoctoral financial support, through several administered training grants to which postdoctoral fellows can apply. These include the Genomic Sciences Training Program (GSTP), Program in Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine (CIBM), and other opportunities at UW-Madison.

To inquire about open postdoctoral opportunities, please contact relevant CGSI faculty with a statement of your interest and biosketch.