Campus Connections

CGSI is part of a broader community of researchers at UW-Madison applying genomic technologies to tackle modern biological questions and problems. Below is a list of other groups on campus with distinct but related missions in genomic applications and data science along with their relation to the CGSI.

UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN BIOTECHNOLOGY CENTER (UWBC)  CGSI and UWBC  exist as sister centers at UW-Madison, with shared physical space in the Genetics-Biotechnology Center and shared administration to advance distinct but synergistic missions.  UWBC is dedicated to providing access to modern biotechnology capabilities through core resource facilities, including high-throughput sequencing, gene-expression analysis, mass-spectrometry proteomics, genome editing, and core informatic support.  Close connections between CGSI and UWBC serve to bring technological and computational advances developed in CGSI to UWBC facilities for broader adoption on campus and beyond.

DATA SCIENCE INSTITUTE (DSI) Many fields of study rely on approaches generating massive amounts of data;  managing, storing, and especially analyzing those datasets for new insight requires new approaches in data science.  The American Family Insurance Data Science Institute recently announced at UW-Madison aims to advance UW-Madison’s leadership in computer and data science, by hiring new data scientists on campus, providing seed money for data science initiatives, and fostering data science training and education.

CENTER FOR HUMAN GENOMICS AND PRECISION MEDICINE (CHGPM) The UW-Madison CHGPM is dedicated to bringing genomic approaches to patient care to benefit all Wisconsinites.  CHGPM is “developing a comprehensive strategy to catalyze basic science discovery in human genomics and related fields, accelerate innovative translation of research results into cutting-edge clinical applications, and democratize delivery of genome-based clinical services.”  The mission of CGSI to develop new approaches in genomic technology and genome interpretation is a perfect complement to CHGPM, which aims to bring those technologies to patient care.  CGSI and CHGPM maintain close connections to bring that goal to fruition.


CARBONE CANCER CENTER (CCC) The UW CCC, one of the oldest university cancer centers in the country, is “committed to defeating cancer through rapid application of groundbreaking research, prevention, and treatment.”  The CCC links clinicians, biomedical researchers, and over 30,000 patients seen annually, bringing translational treatments that benefit cancer patients.  Collaborative science between CGSI and CCC faculty members is helping to bridge that transition, by developing and then delivering new approaches to detect, study, and prevent cancer.  Several CGSI faculty are also members of the CCC, strengthening ties.

WISCONSIN INSTITUTE FOR DISCOVERY (WID) – DISCOVERY HUBS  WID hubs provide an important avenue to connect researchers with other scientists and services on campus applying specialized tools to research questions.  The Data Science Hub and Multi-Omics Hub have particular relevance to CGSI goals. These hubs serve to advise researchers on scientific approaches, connect researchers to experts developing and applying new technologies, and administer training in campus resources.  The WID hubs provide an important service and will help connect UW-researchers interested in genomics to faculty in CGSI.