Suggest Speakers

CGSI funds the Genomics Seminar Series, a monthly series of talks from world-class researchers who are leaders in genomic science.  Seminars generally occur on the first Thursday of each month at 1:30 pm in the Biotechnology Center Auditorium, Room 1111. In addition to the seminar presentation, invited speakers interact with other researchers on campus and lunch with trainees in the GSTP and CIBM training programs.

To broaden engagement on campus, CGSI is now taking nominations for outside speakers for the Genomics Seminar Series. Nominations can be made via the link below by a UW faculty member.  Nominations can also be made by organized student/postdoctoral groups by prior arrangement (email Karen Nafzger to discuss).

  • Speakers will be selected from the nominations by vote of the CGSI faculty.
  • The nominating UW faculty member or group (YOU !) will serve as the host. 

Host responsibilities include:  arranging the speaker’s schedule including meetings with other faculty on campus;  working with CGSI / UWBC administration to arrange travel and housing; hosting the speaker for dinner on the seminar day (with UW-restricted reimbursement by CGSI).

To nominate a speaker that you will host, fill out the attached nomination form – be prepared to write a convincing argument for why the genomics community on campus would benefit from interacting with the proposed speaker.

You will be notified after the vote outcome (within 1-2 months, depending on CGSI meeting schedule).  Do NOT invite speakers until you have received confirmation by CGSI.

Nomination Form