Graduate Education

UW-Madison has a strong history of commitment to graduate education. 

UW-Madison maintains a wide variety of graduate training programs granting masters and doctoral degrees.  Predoctoral students enter through one of the many PhD-granting programs, each of which maintains a disciplinary focus while providing a range of research opportunities and faculty labs to join.  Prospective students can apply to up to three UW-Madison graduate programs with one application fee, but ultimately they join one program where they will complete their degree requirements. 

Generally, students can join labs of faculty mentors that participate in the graduate program students enter through.  Many faculty at UW-Madison participate in multiple training programs.  Thus, students are advised to join a graduate program that 1) covers course material and disciplinary focus matching the student’s interests, 2) includes a broad set of faculty mentors whose lab the student may be interested in joining, 3) offers other degree opportunities (e.g. required internships) that match the student’s interests in training.

Below is a list of relevant training programs and the CGSI faculty members that participate in those programs.  Application materials can be found on corresponding program websites.