Ranked within the Top 10 Genomics Ph.D. programs

Graduate Education

UW-Madison fosters an outstanding environment for interdisciplinary training in genome-enabled research and data science. Our community is built upon diverse opportunities for cross-college seminars, courses, collaborations, and research interactions that are unparalleled at other institutions of our size, ranking #9 in the country in Genetics/Genomics/Bioinformatics PhD programs by US News and World Report in 2022. Students interested in genomic sciences can choose from a variety of graduate programs, ranging from genetics and cellular biology to biochemistry and biophysics to computer and data science. Because most faculty participate in multiple graduate programs, students can choose the program that is the best didactic fit and still have access to many faculty mentors working in genomic science.

Prospective students can apply to up to three UW-Madison graduate programs with one application fee, but ultimately they join one program where they will complete their degree requirements.

Generally, students can join labs of faculty mentors who participate in the graduate program students enter through.  Students are advised to join a graduate program that 1) covers course material and disciplinary focus matching the student’s interests, 2) includes a broad set of faculty mentors whose lab the student may be interested in joining, 3) offers other degree opportunities (e.g. required internships) that match the student’s interests in training.

UW-Madison also has excellent opportunities for student funding.  In addition to training grants associated with specific graduate programs, CGSI administers two training grants: the Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine training program (CIBM) funded by the National Library of Medicine and the Genomic Sciences Training Program funded by NIH NHGRI. Find out more about these opportunities on our website.

Below is just a subset of the most common training programs that span genomics and the CGSI faculty members that participate in those programs.  Application materials can be found on corresponding program websites.

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  • Biophysics (Burkard, Coon, Ge, Landick, McClean, Raman, Romero, Saha, Schwartz, Smith, Yin)
  • Chemistry (Coon, Ge, Landick, Li, Raman, Romero, Saha, Schwartz, Smith)