Jaren Bresnick’s Testimonial – SROP 2023

How was your experience with the program?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Biomedical Data Science SROP, an experience that has been incredibly rewarding. It allowed me to crystallize my future goals, connect with exceptional peers, and extend my learning beyond the confines of a classroom.

What was the most exciting thing you learned?

One of the highlights for me was delving into the world of collaborative research projects. Attending various project and lab meetings was not only enlightening but also a lot of fun. Engaging in these discussions fueled my enthusiasm for collaborative exploration.

What was your research project about?

In my research, I employed machine learning models to predict the impact of gene perturbations on cell morphology, leveraging Gene Ontology Data. This practical application not only honed my technical skills but also shed light on the powerful intersection of data science and biology.

How has this program and working with your professor/research team helped you develop as a scientist?

Working alongside my mentor has been instrumental in my growth. It has brought a newfound sense of organization to my work and fundamentally shifted my approach to tackling scientific challenges.