Bio-Tech Talks

Find out about the latest genomic technologies in the UW Biotechnology Center Bio-Tech Talks

The Genomics Seminar Series sponsored by CGSI alternates with a regular informal technology forum hosted by the UW-Madison Biotechnology Center (UWBC).  Bi0-Tech Talks are designed to introduce the latest emerging technologies and applications, and companies that offer access to those technologies.

Fall 2019/2020 Schedule:

Thursdays, 1:30 – 2:30 pm, Biotech Auditorium, Room 1111

Watch Live:


Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry Lab

Stable Isotope Dilution for the Study of Energy Metabolism

Facilitator: Dale Schoeller, Director


Gene Expression Center

RNA Basics 101:  From Extraction to High Quality Libraries for Sequencing

Facilitator: Sandra Splinter BonDurant, Director


DNA Sequencing

Advances in Long Read Sequencing for Whole Genomes or Targeted Regions

Facilitator:  Josh Hyman, Director


Bioinformatics Resource Center

Facilitator: Derek Pavelec, Director


UW Flow Cytometry Lab

Using Flow Cytometry in Your Research:  Considerations for Panel Design, Computational Analysis, and Rigor & Reproducibility

Facilitator: Dagna Sheerar, Director


UWBC welcomes suggestions for Bio-Tech Talk topics.  UW-Madison members can suggest emerging technologies, applications, and companies offering access to those technologies.

Make a suggestion for UWBC Bio-Tech Talks here.