Innovations in ‘Omic Technologies

Addressing new questions in biology requires the invention of new ways to interrogate biological systems.  Research in the CGSI is innovating through invention and application, with a focus on single-molecule DNA applications (Schwartz Lab) and mass spectrometry-based methods to interrogate molecules including proteins, RNAs, lipids, and metabolites (Coon, Smith, and Sussman Labs). CGSI faculty with a primary focus in this area are listed below.

Joshua Coon

Chemistry, Biomolecular Chemistry

Advancing mass spectrometer technology by developing instrumentation, chemistry, & informatics

David C. Schwartz

Chemistry, Genetics

Realizing fully integrated single-molecule systems for the understanding and fabrication of genomes

Lloyd M. Smith


Developing powerful new technologies to drive biological research

Michael R. Sussman


Innovating massively parallel genomic technologies and applying to understand how the plasma membrane functions in all cells