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Your gift helps train the next generation of genomics researchers

The Summer Research Opportunity Program in Genomics and Data Science [need to verify name with Mark and Shelley to make sure our ideas are compatible with what they’re doing] supports undergraduate training in the quantitative and genomic sciences. We aim to train students from diverse backgrounds, including students from historically underrepresented groups and first-generation college families, through cutting-edge research and professional development, preparing the next generation of genomic leaders.

Students in this 10-week, full-time program will work closely with faculty and staff mentors on research projects that apply data science methods to problems in biology and medicine. In addition to the mentored research experience, students participate in a broad range of career development and social activities.

Your generous gift will support summer students in our program by providing:                                                    Give Now

· Travel costs to and from Madison, WI

· Student housing near campus

· Student stipend of $6,000

Thank you for supporting the training of future leaders in data science and genomics.

Participants in the 2021 program worked as a team on the new Genomic Variant Interpretation project. Click here to read about the student’s experience.

Student Testimonials

Gracia Sandok

“Working in this program has helped develop me as a scientist because I was faced with issues or setbacks that I had to overcome. (...) Never before have I felt like I was part of deciding the next step instead of just being told the next step.”

Margaret Elliott

“It was really awesome to see the pieces start coming together as the summer went on, and I enjoyed hearing about the different specific focuses the other students worked on and how they fit into the larger project.”

Vincent Do

"I now understand that communication is key to being a good scientist. For example, I witnessed the professors facilitate discussion by asking questions. These questions would clear up any misconceptions or facilitate even more discussion."

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